Christine Scarlett is really a sick teacher

Another teacher got busted and in an unusual plot the parents of the poor sevenntenn year old victim were also arrested. They failed to report the sex and molestation of their son by this attractive teacher as it made them proud of their youth. Christine was in court bawling her eyes out as she faces a stiff sentence as much as the stiff she faced from this boy. This substitute whore again seduced the captain of the Strongville high School team and again it is always the upper body of the student class that these whores all seem out to conquest. This jock captain of the jock team even got this married mother of three pregnant. I wouldn’t be surprised if even her sick husband encouraged his wife to do this as there are many sick swingers out there in the world. The student,Steve Brandigan, was not even some Justin Beiber cutie pie or something. he was your typical ugly seventeen year old high school football player. It seems like these teachers are so desperate for popularity and attention as the students they mentor. I hope they lock this bitch up and she makes friends with some large Black women in prison who also resemble football players.

~ by badwomen1 on March 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “Christine Scarlett is really a sick teacher”

  1. k , first off you dont know her at all . second everyone makes mistakes you . no need to be such an ass about this SHE IS NOT A WHORE .

  2. and her husband is also a good guy . kkkkkk so screw u (: lossserrr

  3. Christine Scarlett is one of the kindest people i have ever met, she always puts others first and strives every day for the welfare of her three wonderful children. She is in no way a whore or a swinger shes actually a strong christian who is against things like that, which is more proof that what she did was nothing but a lapse of judgement. she made a mistake just like every human has. who are you to make accusations about a woman who you have never met? leave the poor woman and her family alone!

  4. She is a WHORE…. and a Rapist….a Child Molester

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