Linda Lusk shames her husband sucking the wee wee of a fourteen year old boy

Prosser, Washington (The Weekly Vice) Linda Lusk, a 49-year-old high school Principal’s wife and former Prosser Mayor, has been charged after she allegedly had sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy.

According to the Prosser Police Department, Lusk performed a sexual act on the boy in late April during his lunch break from school. She then ate his cheese sandwich.

Investigators say Lusk took the boy to her daughter’s bedroom where she proceeded to touch the boy’s penis and asked him to touch her breasts. The boy was confused and licked her ass instead.

The alleged relationship began with the two sending explicit text messages to each other including a text where Lusk reportedly sent the boy a partially nude photograph of herself. The boy sent his teacher a picture of his balls.

Lusk and her husband, a Prosser High School principal where the victim attends school, asked to meet with the parents of the victim on June 2 to tell them about the relationship. During the conversation, Lusk told the boy’s mother she had texted the victim and “that it had become inappropriate.”

Authorities had already received information about an alleged inappropriate relationship, because rumors had apparently circulated around the school. Boys were dedperatly trying to find out which teacher was willing to get down.

When the parents questioned their son, he told them the rumors were true and that he and Lusk had sexual contact.

The Benton County Sheriff’s office took over the investigation on June 3 to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest from Lusk’s past position as mayor.

Lusk was not arrested or jailed but faces a charge of third-degree child molestation.

Lusk served one term as Prosser’s mayor, but was defeated during her re-election bid in 2007. A mother of four kids and two stepchildren, Lusk now owns a handbag boutique in Prosser called “Get a Grip.”

Haley Mattson
The Weekly Vice

~ by badwomen1 on November 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “Linda Lusk shames her husband sucking the wee wee of a fourteen year old boy”

  1. Our local tv station lists a report that she sent a text to the victim (inadvertently, of course), advising him of her new phone number, in VIOLATION of the no contact order. Her attorney is a former Benton County Prosecutor, so I’m going to bet she walks with probation – he’ll cut a deal with his old cronies for sure! Small town justice.

  2. Not guilty !

    Middle aged women have been active in sex education for thousands of years. We just get ocassional glimpses of a a biological role which is timeless.

  3. Pple get alife no one is perfect. By no means do I condome it at all some pple do worst nd keep skeletons in your closet, so shuttt upppp fooolz

  4. Any mother that would say that they know if their child is lying to them is a COMPLETE IDIOT…I lied all the time and could look my parent straight in the eye….He is a lying, sneaking, white trash 14 year old punk that wanted to look good in front of his friends….The mother of this 14 year old “Bubba”looks like she had him when she was 14…Just white trash at it’s best…

  5. This woman acted in such an inapproprite manner and now she wants everyone to believe she is innocent. It is hard for me to understand how she ever was elected to public office. I feel very bad for her daughter. Shame on you Linda!

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