Nicole Abusharif lived near me but had no chance she is a lezzy

   Nicole Abusharif was a bad bad woman. A type angry andy wishes he could of met or been asked to come home and join her with Becky. I guess she killed Ms Klein because she lost her love and wanted to be with another woman.  Some of these Lesbians can be just like a man in so many ways

                                                                            angry andy



Posted: Friday, 23 March 2007 5:40PM

Second Suspect Charged In Villa Park Woman’s Murder

A DuPage County judge has ordered an Elk Grove Village man held on $1 million bond for allegedly lying to detectives investigating the murder of a Villa Park woman.

WBBM’s Bob Roberts reports.
40-year-old Robert Edwards appeared late Thursday before DuPage County Associate Judge Ronald Sutter.
DuPage County State’s Attorney Joe Birkett said that the obstruction of justice charge facing Edwards may not be the end of his troubles with the law.
“We’ve cracked his alibi.  It was a lie,” Birkett said.
Birkett said he “does not bring such charges lightly” and that the allegedly lying was “repeated.”
Prosecutors have charged 26-year-old Nicole Abusharif with the murder of partner  Rebecca Klein, whose body was found in the trunk of a car in the garage of the Villa Park home they shared.
Birkett said Edwards once worked with Abusharif, and said he was in the Villa Park home Thursday when Klein was first reported missing.
“One report…that he was getting a haircut is a lie,” Birkett said. 
Abusharif’s attorneys have contended that the 5-foot-2, 115-pound Abusharif could not have carried out the killing or moved Klein’s 140-pound body into the car because she has a disabling back injury and is in remission from liver cancer.
Birkett refused to say whether Edwards is directly under suspicion in the murder or for concealing the body.
Abusharif’s defense attorney, Robert Olson has insisted that his client had no reason to kill her girlfriend.  The two had been in a relationship for nearly seven years. 
Birkett said police and prosecutors want to know where Edwards was between March 15 and 17, what he was doing and where he may have driven his green 1994 Plymouth van, which has ladders atop the roof. 
Police have urged anyone who has information that can help investigators to call them at (630) 834-7447.

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